We provide quality Training Programs in the following areas.



Awareness programmes

(ISO 9000/ 14000/ ISO/TS 16949..)

Generate basic awareness about specific standards, including principles, requirements, documentation, implementation and maintenance. Separate programmes for different categories of people .

Duration 3 to 6 hours.

Internal audit for
ISO 9001: 2000

Provide knowledge and understanding of

  • the standards against which quality systems audit is performed;
  • the responsibilities of auditors and lead auditors
  • assessment techniques of examining, questioning, evaluating and reporting;
  • additional skills required for managing an audit, such as planning, organizing, communicating and directing.

Duration 2 days ( 12 hrs)

Statistical process control

Provide basic knowledge about the basic concepts on variation, control, and capability and over adjustment and practice in applying control charts and histogram analysis.

Duration one day (6 hrs)

Total quality management


Provide basic understanding about TQM principles, concepts and methods of implementing.

Duration one day ( 6 hrs)

Workplace management

Provide basic knowledge about the concept of 5S, KAIZEN, JIT and TPM

Duration one day ( 6 hrs)

Effective problem solving

Create an ability to identify problems and solve them systematically including mistake proofing methodology.

Duration one day ( 6 hrs )

Quality by design

Provide basic knowledge in DOE/QFD / FMEA /TRIZ and its application

Duration two days ( 12 hrs )

Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

Provide basic knowledge in MSA for attributes / variables including Kappa Analysis / signal detection method

Duration one day ( 6 hrs )

Clean production

Provide a basic understanding on integrating quality and environment management system and making system implementation a profitable proposition.

Duration one day ( 6 hrs )

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